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Pay Calculator

As we know pay roll management is very common in every organization. There are many issues being faced while managing payroll for each and every employee because sometimes wrong or zero calculations can be done. Our aim is to provide service which is one of a kind. Employee attendance systems that use paper sheets are inefficient and make it very easy for employees to cheat the system by entering incorrect data on the sheet.

To avoid the aforementioned issues, an automatic and flexible system should be implemented, of which the suggested system is one. The main scope of our project are those organizations where employee attendance and salary is maintained on monthly basis. So we proposed our Pay Calculator which is designed to automate the existing manual system using computerized equipment and cutting-edge computer software, meeting client’s needs so that their valuable data and information can be stored for a longer period with easy access and manipulation.

Pay Calculator is a web-based program that can be used by any firm to manage the records of its employees. Pay Calculator is created with the goal of keeping track of numerous employees, their allowances, and deductions that must be given to the company’s employees. There will be an entry (a unique ID) for every employee of any company.

The number of days will be submitted based on the date of joining and the date on which the pay is produced. Basic compensation will be determined by the employee’s position and department. Also the system stores all employees pay and attendance history for previous months. Pay slips can be easily generated for each employee individually or list of Payslips can be downloaded.


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