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Reddit Upcoming Developer Platform To Help Create programmes apps

Reddit discussion forum has announced that they are opening a wishlist for their developer platform, a room for resources and tools for developers. This will allow developers to contribute and provide support to over 100,000 active communities on the platform.

Currently, the third-party developers that are on Reddit work mainly as isolated resources for communities they are interested in with limited resources, and ad-hoc assistance. 

All this is gonna be changed by Reddit. The platform will provide an opportunity for third-party developers to create useful Reddit extensions that users will appreciate," the company said in a blog post.

The Developer Platform team is focused on creating products that increase support efficiency, flexibility, and flexibility for third-party developers.

The platform said they are more than happy to work with its community to create apps that enhance the Reddit experience and make sure that these extensions are visible and trustworthy.

The company further said, "As we continue to grow and scale Reddit, we want to provide and maintain alignment with those who are building tools around Reddit's guiding principles and broader values.”

"With the initial rollout of our developer platform, we can provide an easy way for all to find resources and tools, participate in our beta, and get the best answers to their questions, quickly," they said.